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Big Sister, it's your birthday! :D

Ever thought the Triforce of Courage could just as well be claimed by a girl?

If so, then this might be your lucky day…

Dad of the year nominee Mike Hoye has gone through the trouble of creating a patch to replace every mention of Link’s gender with a feminine one. Check out his blog to find out why - it’s awesome.

I was so in love with this idea that I created a script to make using his patch as easy as possible:

Download my Pronoun Patcher (Windows, 64 bit)

It’s a folder containing all files you need to create your very own Wind Waker heroine.
'Cept for an image of the USA version of the game, you'll have to look elsewhere for that. :D


  1. Download the patcher above, extract anywhere.
  2. Copy your Wind Waker .iso (or .gcm, doesn’t matter) into the just extracted directory \TLoZ - The Wind Waker - Pronoun Patcher\.
  3. Drag’n’Drop your Wind Waker .iso onto the file PronounPatcher.bat
  4. A console window appears. Hit any key to start.
  5. After it’s done doing something, a new .iso should have appeared, with the suffix .patched.
  6. Done! You can play the .iso just like any other, on either Dolphin, Wii or Gamecube.

If you run into trouble with any of this, feel free to Ask.


  • Mike Hoye for the most awesome game hack of all time.
  • xdelta which does the actual patching.
  • Microsoft’s FCIV which I included to verify that the patch is only applied to compatible images.

The girl, who traveled through time to save the land, was known as the Hero of Time.

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